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Our Mobile Storage Containers in Southern NH

We understand the difficulties associated with securing sufficient storage for your possessions. Whether you’re relocating, refurbishing, cleaning out, or merely requiring additional storage, NH Mobile Storage provides the ideal solution. We supply top-notch, portable self-storage units measuring 8′ x 16′. These are conveniently brought to your residence or workplace. Our goal is to streamline the storage process, making it hassle-free and efficient for our esteemed customers in Southern NH.

How Our Portable Storage Units in Southern NH Work:

1. Order Portable Storage Unit in Southern NH

Ordering one of our 8′ x 16′ mobile storage containers is a breeze through our website. Simply complete a form, choose your desired delivery date, and leave the rest to us.

2. Storage Container Delivery in Southern NH

On the scheduled date, our expert team will transport our portable storage container to your residence or business in Southern NH. Our containers boast superior craftsmanship, meticulously positioned to seamlessly blend into your chosen location without causing any disturbance to your property. Equipped with cutting-edge storage technology and advanced security features, all at a competitive price, they exemplify excellence.

3. Pack & Store Your Portable Storage Unit with Ease

Our containers are designed to withstand various weather conditions and are equipped with a reliable locking system, ensuring the safety of your items. When you’ve completed the packing process, just let us know, and we’ll arrange for the container to be collected. You have the option to either store it at our secure facility or have it delivered to your new location whenever it suits you. Your convenience is our priority.

When to Use NH Mobile Storage in Southern NH

Our mobile storage containers in Southern NH provide reliable and quality storage solutions for both residential and commercial use. Contact us today to get started!


Streamline your move by having our mobile storage containers brought straight to your current home in Southern NH. Pack at your leisure, and when you’re prepared, we’ll transport it to your new destination.


Ensure the safety and security of your furniture, appliances, and personal belongings during home renovations. Our storage containers offer a secure and convenient solution for safeguarding your items until the renovation project is finished.


Expand the available space in your home by temporarily storing items you don’t use daily. Our storage containers serve as an extension of your living area, enabling you to declutter while keeping your cherished belongings close by.

Seasonal Storage

Safely store seasonal items like holiday decorations, sports equipment, or patio furniture during their off-season. Our containers provide a convenient solution for keeping your belongings well-organized and protected until they’re needed once more.

Business Storage

NH Mobile Storage caters not only to residential clients but also to businesses in Southern NH seeking extra storage room for their inventory, equipment, files, or supplies. We can promptly deliver the containers directly to your commercial premises, delivering a secure and convenient storage solution.

Event Storage

Whether you’re coordinating a community festival, trade show, or corporate event, our storage containers can serve as a temporary storage answer for event equipment, signage, merchandise, and various other items. Streamline your event logistics by utilizing our on-site storage containers.

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